After what seems like a lifetime of desperate searching
through this living, breathing, hateful jungle,
you suddenly stumble out into a clearing.
It takes you minutes to realise that here - where? -
completely unexpectedly, your search has suddenly ended,
and the sullen native guide you hired has silently fled.
For in front of you stands the fabled temple of Ultimate,
mythical home to the very gods of 8 bit computing.
Incredibly, already you can see - clues? - as to where
this mysterious race might have ventured - the unexplained
disappearance of their fabulous empire in the murky past, and
those rumours of a Rare bargain, struck in the Far East...
...Clutching your father's famous amulet, you become aware that
the relentless pounding jungle noise has long since stopped.
And with the sound of your heart hammering hard in your ears,
you light a reluctant torch and slowly step forwards...

Enter, Sabreman

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