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Postby Rob » Wed Dec 03, 2003 12:59 am

The forum was obviously dead for a while tonight. I came in about 12:30 GMT and found it fucked. Judging by the post times I saw once I'd got it working again, I'd guess it's been fucked most of the night.

It seemed to be a corruption problem with the user database. Sorry, it's not something I could have done anything about while I was out of town but in the interests of prevention I'll spread my phone number around to a few people in the next couple of days in case it happens again. Also, even when I'm not on the forum, I'm usually only an hour away from an email.

Anyway, sorry it died.

Now, just to compound matters, I'm disappearing again for a few days. I'll be back by the weekend. I'll send Spork a contact number and if the board dies again I will try and take care of it.

Best wishes
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