An Unusual Request!

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An Unusual Request!

Postby DampCat » Fri Oct 12, 2007 8:23 pm


Sounds strange - well actually it's not, it's just unsual to find -here-... but is anyone a dab hand and drawing little tiny pictures? Specifially wet, black cat (silohuette (sp?) or the like, cartoon style) on a white background. thing is, it'd need to, in it's smallest appearance, fit in a 32x32 box.

I guess at that size the detail in it being wet would be lost but hopefully the cattery of it should be clear.

Dunno. I know it's work for no reward, but I cant draw to save my life. With a pencil or a mouse. This Username was only a temporary one but since it's been stuck for about 5 years now, i figured i should have some kind of logo.

Would it be easier to have the picture at say, 184px and scale it down? I guess so. 184 would be good too cause it would work for SteamID.

Anwyays, thanks if you can. No worries if not, i get that it's a pain !

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