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Triple J Unearthed

Postby pablo banquo » Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:50 pm

I was agonising over whether I should put this in Square's MP3s thread but I figured it'd get lost almost immediately there.

Triple J is a nationally-networked, government-funded Australian radio station (a division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), mainly aimed at youth (defined as those between 12 and 25). Music played on the station is generally more alternative than commercial stations with a heavy emphasis on Australian music and new music. In metropolitan rating surveys Triple J usually has less than one third the market share of its major commercial rivals, but its influence on Australian popular music belies the modest ratings, having provided a launchpad for numerous Australian recording artists and announcers.
ANYWAY. I've spruiked them plenty of times before.

The Unearthed competition started a number of years ago, going to various regions of the country to find "hidden" talent, with some success. In 2006 they released the website, allowing unsigned bands to upload their finished music to get it out there. Some of it gets played on the radio but the sheer amount of music means that it doesn't all get heard. If you wanted to hear some good Australian music of most any genre and download it, it's pretty much the best place to go.

Let me know if there's anything you've found on there that needs to be singled out due to awesomeness.
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