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The Lost Song Detective Service...

Postby WhiteboySushi » Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:49 pm

DGIT, folks... I've just heard a song that I really like (not an excellent song, just one that I'm really into right now), and I can't for the life of my find it. I've been googleing like mad, trying everything... and I can't find anything. No band name, no CD name, and obviously no song name.

I guess part of the problem comes from the fact that I didn't catch a lot of the song. The only lyrics I really remember are "Helicopters all repeating" and "Sirens are my new alarm clock" (or something like that), along with a lot of yelling "Ohhhhhhhh, oh-way-oh!" and some simple, driving guitar. But it's totally cathartic as shit!

While I'm on this subject, I'm reminded of another song lost in the world of college radio... this one was this dude who was all like:
"Here come the rats, the rats are gonna find us
With the second Black Plague and the Hanta disease;
Here come the rats, the rats are gonna find us
And the first contamination is the food we eat."
It was all like "Blaargh!!!"

So... anyone seen my song(s)?

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