Hollywood Magic Castle

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Hollywood Magic Castle

Postby Bag of Ass » Tue Nov 19, 2002 4:55 pm

Well, as previously noted, last night I got dressed up and went to the Hollywood Magic Castle with a friend, a couple co-workers, and their women. The drive was interesting...how can a place be so glamorous and fancy and yet be in such a shitty area? Anyway, once we got there and met up with the whole party, we entered the castle and my co-worker who is a member of this exclusive club arranged for us to get in at no cost to us. The castle itself is over a hundred years old and was originally a home. Pretty fancy. We waited for the first show to start in the Palace of Mystery. Some dumb fuck who went by the name of Hillel. He had balloons. He had balloons and he sucked fat donkey cock. Then there was this girl with roses and scarves who also lip synched to such hits as Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca and the Spice Girls' Two Become One. Glory!

Anyway, the main show was pretty bad, but I've never been much for the big magic show, always preferring the smaller shows. The next show was more to my liking, took place in the Parlour of Prestidigitation. As we were entering, I saw Anthony Stewart Head sitting in the audience talking to an attractive woman and drinking a Sam Adams. You might remember Mr. Head from his work as "Man" in the Taster's Choice commercials and more recently as "Rupert Giles" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We were advised to treat any celebrities we saw as normal people, ie. don't fucking talk to them. He looks taller in person. Anyway, the show we watched was a mind reader called Andy Nyman. Usually I find unbelievably boisterous people off-putting, but this guy was actually pretty entertaining.

The next show was in the Close-Up Gallery, a wacky sleight of hand guy named Jeff Martin. Various card tricks, coins and scarves, cups and balls, that kind of stuff. Pretty good stuff, actually.

The last show we saw was also in the Parlour of Prestidigitation, classy guy named Dick Barry. This guy was badass...very engaging with the audience and very entertaining magic. He had these rope tricks where he cut the-- and then the lengths-- and then they were put together-- and then the knots-- and...and it was all really cool. Plus, it didn't hurt that there was this girl in the audience that must've been a model...tall, blonde, beautiful. Completely unapproachable but very nice to look at.

After the shows we walked around the castle. There was a room with Irma the Invisible Pianist. You name a song and if she knows it she instantly starts playing it. While we were there, in walked one of the most beautiful girls these eyes have ever seen. Must've been about twenty, maybe twenty one. Lovely face, elegant dark hair, tanned skin, great ass, fantastic fucking rack -- this girl was the total package. Curves in all the right places. I didn't want to stare, but damn. Approachable, too, not that anyone did. She looked pretty familiar, too, but I couldn't tell if I'd seen her in high school, movies, or in my dreams. After Irma played a few songs, she leaned forward (I got a peek, woo!) and said, "My father would like to make a request," which he subsequently made. Oh, so that old guy isn't your sugar daddy...he's just the regular kind of daddy. That's cool, I can respect that.

After leaving Irma we kept touring the castle and much to my and my friend's appreciation, the girl was following. We looked at some of the private magic instruction areas and libraries and such. Damn that girl was hot. She was exactly my flavor. She, along with Giles and the rope guy, made the night totally worth it.

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