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Welcome To The Citadel Of Truth

Postby Rob » Sat Dec 14, 2002 7:31 pm


If you've had to endure the registration process, sorry. There's some utter fucking idiots out there, truth be told. We're trying to be choosy about which fucking idiots we let in, that's all.
Idiots is as idiots does, quite honestly.

We have a few rules, mostly detailed here... nothing outrageous, basically don't post pornography, porn links or racial slurs. If you're going to link to an external image that might be considered "work unsafe" then please warn our little community - many of us surf from our places of work because that's the kind of dedicated, conscientious loyal company servants we are.

We'd also ask that you keep things orderly by posting in the appropriate area of the forum, we've even got sort of a policy of etiquette here.

Perhaps before getting all gung ho about posting you'd like to take a look around, get a feel for the place...though I suspect you've already had some time to look between first registering and the actual account activation that we've just performed.

Please don't make a "hello" thread or a "so this is where you guys have been" thread. We know where we've all been (snigger), and now you know where we've been too. Use this one instead. Anyway, if there's anything you're doing that doesn't fit with the way we'd like things to be run, we'll let you know.

(Well, Pob might, and Rob probably won't, and Bag will probably just nail your fucking arse. Think of it like moderatorial russian roulette).

One thing that we do ask is that you give us your real name. Only the moderating team will be privy to this and your identity will be kept in confidence. Of course, if you go and post it in a general forum somewhere then all bets are off, you daft fuckers.

Anyway, glad to have you. And it's nice to see you here, too.

Citadel of Truth Administrator Team:
Rob, Bag of Ass, Pablo Banquo

(this announcement has been superceded!)

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