If you are interested in AQ...

Saddo haunt, post game-over

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If you are interested in AQ...

Postby Tobliz » Sun Nov 20, 2005 6:23 pm

It's the new raid coming in 1.9. It will require nature resist, supposedly.

Sharde from UL (a Tich guild) compiled this list.

Generic items: These are good for any class, regardless or mana, energy, or plate :)

Cenarian Reservist Leggings -Legs- 25 NR. Received from one of the silithus quest lines, there are different stats for each classes leggings.

Grovekeeper's Drape -Cape- 10 NR. Drops off of Celebras the Cursed in Maraudon. Very difficult to solo, easy to duo.

Shadewood Cloak -cape- 7 NR. Drops off the DM east boss. Little less NR, but better melee stats.

Charged Gear of <Random Stat> -Ring- 5 NR. Dropsfrom the Gnomeragan boss. easily solo-able.

Petrified Band -ring- 10 NR. Random drop from the tree dudes in DM.

Nature's whisper -Neck- 8 NR. There's a quest line in Silithus, that starts off with cllecting 8 tablet fragments. After all the qusts are done, this comes in the mail after a few hours.

Clotie Armor: you all wear cloth, you all have mana, it' generic for the most part =)

Acidic Walkers -feet- 5 NR. Eeeeasy to get. First gnomeregan boss.

Chan's imperial robes -Chest- 5 NR. Drops off a rare spawn in the elite troll temple in hinterlands. solo-able.

Polychromatic Visionwrap -chest- 20 NR. fantastic resist piece! Drops from from the boss of the hatchery event in UBRS.

Vinerot Sandles -Feet- 12 NR. Drops from Razorlash in Maraudon. hard to solo, easy to duo.

Wolfshear Leggings -legs- 10 NR. Drops from Gizrul the slayer in LBRS.

Chloromesh Girdle -Waist- 20 NR. Also off of Razorlash.

Fangdrip Runners -feet- 20 NR. Off the spider boss in UD strat

Noxious shooter -wand- 5 NR. also a Mara drop, from Noxxion.

Mail drops: for both shaman and Hunters!

Green Dragon Mail set -Chest, Legs, Gloves- 31 NR total. Obviouslt ideal for a shaman, though still useful for a hunter.

Darkspinner Claws -hands- 13 NR. Drops from the spider boss in UD strat.

Sandstalker Gauntlets -hands- 20 NR. Crafted item. Pattern is from Cenarian Circle rep.

Sandstalker Bracers -Wrist- 15 NR. Same as above.

Sandstalker Breastplate -Chest- 25 NR. Same as above.

Stonerender Gauntlets -hands- 1 NR. random world drp.

Bloomsprout -head- 10 NR. From a rare spawn in Mara. Great for hunters.

Plate: I know all you pallies are looking at these

Helm of the Mountain -Head- 10 NR. Great BRD drop

Noxxion's Shackles -Wrist- 15 NR. also a Mara drop.

Elemental Rockridge Legging -legs 10NR. Drops from princess. Great stats to go with NR.

Acid-etched pauldrons -shoulder- 20NR. Spider boss in UD strat once again.

Runic Breastplate -Chest- 15 NR.
Runic Plate -boots- 10 NR.
Runic Helm -Head- 13 NR.
Runic Leggings -legs- 14 NR.
Runic Pauldrons -Shoulders- 10 NR.
All of these are crafted.

Leather: For all you rogues and pseudo-rogues

Albino Crocscale Boost -feet- 5 NR. not much NR, but good stats.

Arachnid gloves of <Random Enchant> -hands- 10 NR. Hopefully you get a useful one :)

Stonebark Gauntlets -hands- 16 NR. random off of DM elementals.

Cow King's hide -chest- 10 NR. World drop.

Phytoskin Spaulders -shoulder- 10 NR. Drops from Razorlash in Maraudon.

Living Breastplate -chest- 5 NR.
Living leggings -legs- 5 NR.
Living Shoulders -shoulder- 5 NR. All of these are crafted.

Brusslehide Leggings -legs- 10 NR. Razorlash again, surprise!!

Chimeric Boots -feet- 12 NR.
Chimeric Vest -chest- 17 NR.
Chimeric Gloves -hands- 12 NR.
Chimeric leggings -legs- 16 NR.
All crafted

Crypt Stalker leggings -legs- 18 NR.


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