Saddo haunt, post game-over

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Postby pablo banquo » Tue Jul 14, 2009 2:57 am


Free game download, only 10Mb.
I've played this game for a few days now and it is addictive. It harks back to the era of the oldschool platformers.
You're a little explorer, complete with a hat and whip, attempting to get through a series of caves while finding treasure and avoiding or killing monsters.
The fun is, the levels are never the same twice in a row, you get ropes to climb up, or bombs to destroy the terrain. There are maidens to rescue, or sacrifice for powerups if you're a mean bastard.
The best part is, when you die, you either learn something from it for next time, or you were doing something risky that didn't work out. Try it, it's surprisingly easy to pick up, if not a devil to master.
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