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Alex Jones...

Postby Too-Much-Coffee Mistress » Tue Jan 02, 2007 2:34 pm

So I'm at work last week, and passing around cds as is habit at GHS. A guy I know there, who knows I question some of the 9/11 story and am all about certain conspiracies, hands me a cd full of mp3's of Alex Jones' radio program. I've heard of the guy, but I've never really gone out of my way to give his show a listen.

Jesus, am I glad I hadn't, and wishing that I had never seen or heard this idiocy committed to disc. Jones is like the libertarian version of Rush Limbaugh... one of the post-commercial promos says "Alex Jones, the T-Rex of Political Talk". Does that mean he's a big stomping idiot who has a brain the size of a walnut and a bad habit of biting peoples' heads off and roaring a lot? I'm thinking so.

I mean, really. The fact that this guy buys into the 9/11 conspiracies makes me completely ashamed to believe any of them, simply because it associates me with him. Did you know the Mexican army is sneaking over our southern border in order to kidnap people, taking them back to Mexico, and forcing them to work in soup kitchens? I didn't, until being 'enlightened' by this homespun retard.

The worst part, though, came when Jones had Noam Chomsky on the show. Now, agree or disagree with him, Chomsky at least can speak in a rational manner. Jones spends the good majority of the hour, except for perhaps the last 10 minutes, basically kissing Chomsky's ass. Then, during that last 10 and as soon as he's gone, dear ol' AJ starts going off on how Chomsky is a 'sap' and how he's been 'devestating him this entire time', and how Chomsky is part of the New World Order conspiracy, blah blah blah. Some random bitching about how Chomsky wants to 'take away our guns' too. Basically, how much of an unbelievable tool Chomsky is compared to the shining light that is JONES.

So, Jones' next guest on the same show, shortly after Chomsky, is "Dr." Len Horowitz. The utter crap that came out of this guys mouth, and the way Jones was eating it up made me think I was listening to a lecture on the fine art of scat-munching.

"Stem cell research is the DEVIL! It says so in the Bible!"
"Flu (not to mention AIDS) vaccines are a government tool to infect us all with icky killer viruses!"
"The contrails behind jets are really spraying people with immuno-suppressants! Or... something!"
(oh, and the smallpox vaccination conspiracy. One too many episodes of x-files...)

Art freaking Bell doesn't even let this guy on his show anymore. And yet, Jones just slurps it up.

Gah. What an asshole. I have vented, and now feel better.
"The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking...the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker." - Albert Einstein

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