The Security and Prosperity Partnership

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The Security and Prosperity Partnership

Postby Too-Much-Coffee Mistress » Tue Oct 16, 2007 10:10 am

It could be argued that I am conspiracy-minded. Near-30 years of living in the US can do that to a person. Take 9/11, for example. I don't think anything so blatantly silly as "there wasn't really any planes", "space weaponry", any of that sci-fi angle. However, I'd say about the most reliable part of the official story would be the cover to the 9/11 Commission Report.

This is fed by any number of fairly reputable and decidedly scummy things the US government and / or the CIA have been involved in down through the years. From JFK, to Operations Phoenix and Tailwind during Vietnam, to Iran / Contra, to the lies and deaths of the Iraq War, I don't find it difficult in the slightest to see our leaders as an amoral bunch whose only cares are the acquisition of more money and power.

So yeah. Conspiracies. Or, at least, this one in particular.

The SPP, or Security and Prosperity Partnership, consists of a series of mostly content-secret meetings between the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the US that have been happening for the last few years. Suspicions that these serve as a prelude to an EU-like North American Union seem potentially true, just looking at the main page; we can see talk of regulatory cooperation, technological cooperation, and discussions on intellectual property rights.

What the SPP has produced thus far seems draconian even for minor issues, such as the scare tactic that is bird flu.

"Agree that the imposition and removal of veterinary or public health measures on the movement of people, animals
and goods, under our national laws and international obligations, will not be more restrictive or maintained for a longer period than necessary to achieve the veterinary or public health objective..."

The implication being that of coordinated government interference with the movement of livestock and produce, who can handle them, who can even have them, etc. A seizure of smaller farms in order to facilitate their takeover by corporate farm operations would not surprise me in the slightest. You've got to love the bit about 'international obligations'. Yeah. Because the US is famous for paying the utmost attention to its international obligations.

Another odd thing is that the SPP website is the only government website I've known that actually feels the need to have a 'Myths vs. Facts' section. I'm not opposed to the SPP on those grounds; certainly, if I were to start doubting a government agency every time they did something remotely like this, I'd have to jump in with the lot that thinks the moon landing were faked. And *ugh*, no thanks.

The SPP can also be seen as a precursor to / catalyst for a NAFTA Superhighway, the beginnings of which can be seen in the Trans-Texas Corridor. (Official TTC website) ... E_ID=51730

It should be acknowledged that the TTC site has changed massively since its inception. The main page used to boast rather plainly of the plans for a multi-lane monstrosity complete with rail lines, electric and internet cabling, etc.

This could be seen as the final death knell for shipping unions on the west and east coasts, as for obvious reasons, it would be massively cheaper to ship goods down to Mexico and then ship them up to the US or Canada rather than dealing with east/west coast ports.

Another interesting event of note: The Canadian Mounted Police recently got busted for trying to insert agent provocateurs into a peaceful anti-SPP protest. Fortunately, the protesters were not stupid, and saw these guys for what they were. ... rs_SPP.htm (It's an Alex Jones link, which normally I'd avoid like the plague, but there's a really good pic just past halfway down on the page.)

Just to make it very clear at the end here, I'm not a huge fan of Alex Jones. Heh. :)
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