Kitchens Of Distinction?

Here there be (sleeping) tygers. And Kitchens of Distinction.

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Kitchens Of Distinction?

Postby Rob » Sat Oct 23, 2004 9:19 am

Ah, my lovelies. My darling bundles of frabulous joydelightfuls. My pretties...

The Vault.

In some civilisations, the effluent and detritus of society is hidden and washed away - indeed, it is even perceived to be a disgusting, unpleasant commodity.

Here at CoT Towers, we have noticed that there is often deep joy to be had from effluent. Monkeys, we note, clearly derive great pleasure from flinging their poop (and who can blame them?)

So we are conducting an experiment here; we capture the poop of the other fora, and examine it for interesting-ness. If anything shows signs of being interesting, either because it is so dirty, or because it is so clean but so old that it's kinda dirty - well, we keep it.

Naturally, we chuck the non-interesting shit away. What do you take us for, vermin??
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